An Easter Break with Saltrock

Saltrock is proving to be one of our favourite clothing brands at the moment. Not only are they producing amazing quality clothing, but the prices also make them hard to beat (not that we would want to anyway!). So when they offered to send us a couple of their new bits we jumped at the chance to expand our wardrobes, well the boys did!

Max is always in need of new jumpers. They always seem to end up stained or snagged from climbing trees and running through the forest so this Bubble Pop-Over Hoody was perfect for him. I love the bright colours as it means I won't be losing him in a hurry at soft play or in the forest. But it's also lightweight yet warm which is perfect for the spring months as we are constantly layering up with the temperamental weather. 

Max is obsessed with the massive pocket at the front which is great for storing everything from hidden snacks Nanny has given him to pine cones and twigs to create a new masterpiece. 

He was also sent this gorgeous knit hat. Max has always been reluctant to wear hats until recently but has started to embrace them and team them with any outfit he can. In his words they make him look "super cool", which I can't really complain with! It's made of a really soft knit with Salt and Rock knitted into it. Max loves the colours, which remind him of one of his favourite NFL teams so he's pretty chuffed. It's a great fit and will be perfect for festival weather when it starts to cool down in the evenings. 

Scott was sent a couple of tops too, both of which he is really impressed with. He opted for both the Trading Co tshirt and the Lantern Tshirt. Scott can be pretty picky with his tops at times, they have to be made of good material and withstand playing with Max. Both of which have worked really well. They are made of really soft cotton that isn't too thin that they will fall apart after a few washes. Being true to size the tops fit really well and look great on him (if I do say so myself!).

The prints are both bold and stylish and really embody the sea element that Saltrock is all about. He's had so many compliments about the top's that he's already browsing to see what else he can buy! In his words they are "The comfiest tops I've owned, I definitely know what I'm adding to my Christmas list".

Saltrock has yet again shown us how great clothing can be produced yet still remain affordable. Thank you Saltrock for gifting us these amazing clothes that are most definitely wardrobe staples now!

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