We've recently discovered Geocaching thanks to the wonderful ladies over at My Two Mums. Geocaching is one big worldwide treasure hunt. People hide little treasures over towns and cities leaving clues for people to find. It's something that we have thrown ourselves into massively. 

We love Geocaching, it enables us to go outdoors and discover new open areas in the place we love and live. We can take 10 minutes out of our day and find one on the walk home from school or we can take an afternoon finding a huge trail of them that a kind person has left. The app allows you to see what is in the area, the difficulty of the cache and enables you to log when you have found them.

It's a perfect way for families to unplug and spend time together. We love that we only need to use our phones for navigation and that we work together as a family to achieve something as a team. 

Now than ever is the best time to start geocaching as a family. The weather is picking up and the evenings are lighter. Time to unplug and unwind in a classic spot of treasure hunting. 

My Two Mums have also set up #geocachingkidsuk on Instagram, a community that brings together families that Geocache in the UK. We can't wait to join in.


  1. I love geocaching although I must admit it's been a while since we last went, it's great motivation for taking children on a walk if they know that they are looking for treasure! I will look out for the new hashtag!

  2. Love - we have been promising ourselves to try it for over 2 years now, but it is going to be this Summer for sure, great tip about doing them for only short bursts xxx