A room update with Lakeland Furniture

 As Max is getting older we are looking for more and more ways to update his room. Because we rent we are unable to paint the walls or put up too many fixtures and fittings so I love to focus on things such as artwork and soft furnishings to really bring his personality into the room. Max absolutely loves to read so I have spent months trying to find the perfect reading chair for him. That's where Lakeland Furniture came to our rescue!

We tend to read with Max in his bedroom and until recently had been sitting on a giant bean bag, unfortunately it had given up the ghost and left his bedroom looking more like a scene from Frozen. We were keen to steer clear away from another bean bag and didn't want an armchair as it would have felt bulky in his room. I've always loved the idea of a rocking chair so when I spotted the RAR replica rocking chair I literally jumped with joy. 

I was really impressed when the product arrived. It was packaged in a large box, securely padded with instructions and even the tools needed to put it altogether. It couldn't have been simpler, I did however manage to put the wooden gliders on the wrong way to begin with but that was my own fault for being too impatient and excited to put it together!

Max is a complete bookworm, not helped by the fact that I enable this. We've started to collect these giant coffee table books that not only look gorgeous but are helping to teach Max about everything from different adventures in the world to how the seasons affect nature. We try and mix his books around but ones like these are far too beautiful to hide away, so we have a display shelf on the wall near his chair. 

Once it was set up we popped it in his bedroom. Max has a massive floor to ceiling window on one side of his room with a display unit that is crammed full of his favourite books and toys. It's the perfect spot as we can sit, read a book and look at the park outside our window. It's great as Max can tuck up in his chair with a blanket and read to himself, us and his teddies. It's become his favourite spot in his bedroom quickly and those quiet moments we catch with him are ones we won't be forgetting anytime soon. 

We absolutely love our new chair. It not only gives us those little moments to treasure but also is such a brilliant statement piece in his room that it's definitely here to stay. Thank you Lakeland Furniture for such a fantastic piece of furniture.

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  1. That's gorgeous, I keep looking at these chairs as Dining chairs xxx