#GiveItSomeArts, We Need You!

We are a creative family, we don't hold back from singing in the streets, acting out Star Wars battles in the park and dancing in the supermarket when a song we loves comes on. That's why we have come up with #GiveItSomeArts.

#GiveItSomeArts is all about celebrating families embracing the arts. We want there to be children, parents and grandparents boogieing to buskers, performing Shakespeare in the supermarket and singing in the streets.

We want to see these all amazing creative geniuses on Instagram and Twitter. We want to see how far and wide this can go. Can you dare your friends to do Gangnam Style in the high street, or get your grandparents to teach the kids the Funky Chicken? We will be sharing our favourites and our own personal moments of spontaneous creativity. Just use the #GiveItSomeArts hashtag for us to see your masterpiece!

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