An Exciting Weekend.

Now the weather is getting better we are trying to stay outdoors as much as we can. This weekend we headed out to a local woods to go Geocaching with some friends. We are absolutely loving Geocaching. Not only is it showing us new places in an area we thought we had mastered, but it is also getting us out and about doing something that is so much fun. We love the idea that we have to think outside the box, search high and low and find something unexpected. We ended up spending over 4 hours hunting and we were thoroughly tired out by the end of the day!

To keep on the outdoors theme, Max then got an incredibly early birthday present, his first bike! He has been desperate for a bike for months and my mum generously offered to buy him one as an early present. Not only does it mean he can use it in the warmer months, but also my mum gets to see him use his present before she heads off to Tenerife. He spent the afternoon zooming around and only the lure of food managed to get him back in for the night!

We love getting outdoors, it's a perfect way to spend time together and discover something new.

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