Independent Food Review

We are a family that loves food, I'm pretty sure that other families feel the same but we love to try new things and discover locally or independently made produce. We do however find it really tricky to find something that is different, something that is innovative and slightly out of the box. Whether that be flavour or product itself, which is where Caprera comes into play.

Caprera is a website dedicated to hand-picked independent food and drink producers. They choose companies that have a story to tell and want to get their fantastic products out there. With a selection of over 300 goods there is literally something from everyone. We were kindly sent over a handful of products to see what our tastebuds told us!

Firstly I was impressed with the delivery and packaging, packed tightly in a box with ample cushioning, this was one of the best packed deliveries we had received for a long time! Once opening we were delighted to see a great mix of food and drinks for us to try.

Meg's Cottage Honey Fudge: Firstly we love fudge. We make it at home all the time and we love giving it as gifts. It's so indulgent and moreish that you can't wait to tuck in. What I loved most about this fudge though was the smell. You could smell the honey through the bag which made it that touch more special. We've never had honey fudge but it was gorgeous, it was definitely sweet but it meant we didn't wolf it down like normal!

Nookie Bar: When we saw this product we knew it would be a hit, we are massive fans of bars like this that trick us into thinking we are indulging but is really crammed full of healthy treats. Max swiped this before I even had time to sniff a crumb up, but he's been begging us to buy him some more since! With it being completely free of artificial additives, I know it's good for him.

The Garden Cider Company Plum and Ginger: Scott picked up this one as I'm not the biggest fan of ginger. He said he loved that it was natural and hand crafted, the flavours were perfect for a sunny afternoon in a beer garden and it was a great alternative to the normal apple or pear cider. He's already trying to decide what flavour to get next!

Nim's Pear Crisps: We took these out geocaching with us as we knew we wanted a healthy snack that wasn't going to weigh down our bag. I'm so glad we did as they were so worth it. These air dried crisps were the perfect blend of sweet and crunchy, I loved that they still had the strong pear taste (which can normally disappear with other fruit crisps) and it meant that this treat was low in calories and one of my 5 a day. Seriously couldn't wish for anything more.

Thank you Caprera or letting us review some of the amazing products available on your site. We love the selection of choices and are trying to work out what to try next (and what not to share next time!)

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