Enjoy More Water This Summer With Robinsons

This summer we have been getting out so much more than we did last summer. We've done everything from festivals to geocaching and everything in between. In all honesty we haven't really stopped for a moments breath. Whilst it's brilliant as we are getting fresh air, exploring our local community and finding new favourite hiding spots, it does get a bit tricky when it comes to staying hydrated. 
 Luckily Robinsons Squash'd is on hand to answer all of our prayers. We are fottunate that we drink plenty of water in the day, but most of the time the taste of water differs from place to place, so we tend to be the family that takes reusable bottles everywhere. We each have our own one (labelled and different colours) but that's where the similarities end. Whilst Scott is more than happy to chug on fresh water, me and Max prefer to have a bit of flavour to quench our thirsts as most of the time the water on it's own doesn't taste particularly nice. We have always considered lugging around a 1.5l bottle of squash from Tesco but it's not handbag friendly, so Squash'd is the perfect answer for our picky family!

 Robinsons Squash'd are miniature bottles of super concentrated fruit squash that you can pop in your bag and add to any drink you need. We love the variety (the citrus one is my absolute favourite) and the fact I can keep a couple in my handbag for any moment that calls for hydration. 

It worked perfectly for us at a festival we went to recently, once we had filled our bottles with the free on site water, I simply did a squirt of each flavour into our bottles for that perfect juice drink. I love the fact that there are 20 servings in each bottle as it means I won't run out any time soon! Plus the fact it has no added sugar is an absolute bonus. They have been absolute life savers for us, especially as Max isn't wholly keen on water on it's own when we are out and about.


 Thanks to Robinsons Squash'd we have managed to keep hydrated no matter what the situation (hint; the lemon and lime one is great with gin!). It's great to know that wherever we go we are always on top of our hydration game and we won't be hit with sunstroke or dehydration over the summer holidays. Squash'd comes in a variety of different flavours, has no added sugar and comes in a handy handbag size, perfect for days out with the little ones!

This post is an entry for BritMums #EnjoyMoreWater Challenge, sponsored by Robinsons

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