Hollywood Bowl, Tower Park

 Me and Max don't normally get to go out together on Max and Mummy dates. Our weekends are normally full of school things, seeing family or boring stuff. So when Hollywood Bowl invited us to check out their refurbished Tower Park branch we couldn't resist heading down!

Hollywood Bowl have recently re-branded all of their bowling alleys to make them brighter and fun. We were certainly impressed that what once was a dark and dimly lit venue was now a bright, open and airy place. We loved how the bright pink branding and Hollywood stars were plastered all over the venue. It made the experience feel quite special.
Once we turned up it was really easy to book in. We loved the fact that you no longer have to don bowling shoes and as long as you have flat shoes on you can play in your own footwear! The touchscreen displays are perfect for adding players to the game, keeping an eye on your score, popping the bumpers up and even calling a staff member over. 

The staff are so friendly and are on hand in case you need any help (Max somehow ended up with his ball stuck halfway down the lane) and are able to order drinks and food lane side. We had a great member of staff who made sure that our games went smoothly. His enthusiasm didn't falter and I can honestly say that his positivity made our time there so much better.

Of course, like all bowling alleys they are more than accessible for little ones. There is a ramp for kids to push the balls down rather than bowl them. This was great as Max ended up beating me on both games (I say beginners luck!) and ended up getting strike after strike. The staff were great and whenever Max hit a strike or won a game he was award with sticker after sticker all over his top. 

After our mammoth games we had rumbling bellies and couldn't wait to head to the new American diner on site to fill up with some gorgeous grub. We thought ahead and ordered our food lane side as we were finishing up, which meant as we finished our game we just had to find a seat and our food was served.
 The service was fantastic and there was a great variety on the menu. Both me and Max opted for hot dogs and they came with skin on fries and veggie sticks. Max wolfed down his food which is always a sign of a good meal! Mine was definitely filling and tasted delicious. After we had wolfed down our food we headed over to the amusements corner to try our hand at winning a few things. Unfortunately our co-ordination didn't win us any prizes but we had a blast trying.

Hollywood Bowl is an amazing setting for some family fun. Me and Max had an absolute blast spending some quality time together. We're already planning to pop down after school with some of his school friends as it's a perfect way to unwind! Thank you so much Hollywood Bowl for inviting us to your fantastic new venue. It's definitely become one of our favourites.

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