Papergang Box Review

Last month I got my first Papergang box, a subscription stationary box from the genius' over at Ohh Deer. It was an amazing box and when I had an email saying my second had been dispatched I was sat at the letterbox waiting for a knock at the door!

This month's Papergang box had a spring theme and when I saw the origami hare on the back of the box I knew this was going to be a fantastic box. Once I opened it, the contents were just as good as I thought. 

Inside I had:
  • Two gorgeous pencils in a dusky blue and mustard (my favourites!)
  • A birthday rhino card which is hilarious.
  • Gorgeous and dainty crane scissors that have taken pride of place in my prop box.
  • A shopping list with cute cactus designs that is already on the fridge.
  • A big notebook that is perfect for blog ideas or that novel that can't write itself. 
I am absolutely in love with the print on the notebook, it's the perfect blend of dainty and bold. The card is already earmarked for a very good friend (who doesn't read the blog!) and the scissors are so detailed and beautiful that I just want to stare at them all day.

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