Now TV Kids Pass

When I was growing up, there wasn't much selection when it came to TV choices. It resulted in watching endless amounts of reruns that we had recorded onto VHS and pretending we were Scooby and the gang in our front room. I'm glad that in the time that has passed between me being young and Max growing to love shows of his own that there is a bit more of a selection. And now there is even more to choose from thanks to the Now TV Kids Pass

We are massive fans of Now TV already, me and Scott as parents have logged countless hours of shows as we work from home (I've just finished Grey's Anatomy whilst Scott is obsessed with the Daily Show!). So when we found out that Now TV were launching it's own Kids Pass we knew it was going to be cracking. We don't have any paid for TV packages so Now TV is a perfect addition to our home. 

Now TV is a fantastic service that is available on your TV, laptop, tablet or other devices and runs on a monthly subscription. We use our Xbox to access it but also watch on our phones and tablet when we aren't at home. Within Now TV there are several different packages you can sign up to including entertainment, movies and sport.

For £2.99 a month for the Kids Pass, you have access to a treasure trove of channels and shows to please even the most picky of TV fans. They include channels such as CBBC, Milkshake, Boomerang and Cartoon Network. Within this you have access to series and shows galore. The best bit about it? You can cancel the payment whenever you want as you aren't tied in to any pesky contracts. We love this as it gives us the flexibility to add packages in the months that we know we will get the most use out of them.

 To celebrate the release of Now TV Kids Pass, Max was sent a box full of goodies to get him in the TV watching mood. Like most kids, Max absolutely adores delving into another world through his TV screen so we couldn't wait to get started. At the moment, his favourite thing to do is snuggle up in his Adventure Time blanket with a mug of tea (in his Now TV mug of course!) and watch either Adventure Time or one of the many Scooby Doo shows that are out at the moment.

The user interface of the Now TV Kids Pass is worth the £2.99 a month alone. With an adorable space theme and cute aliens all over the place, Max absolutely adores the characters and gets super excited when he logs into the Kids Pass section. One thing I love is that once you are in the Kids Pass section it's a lot harder for the kids to leave it which is a bonus as it means they won't be putting on Game Of Thrones by mistake!

I'm loving reliving a bit of my childhood with him by watching Scooby and the gang but can definitely say that my mystery cracking skills are a bit rusty! We are also really enjoying discovering new shows and channels to love. We don't have any TV packages through any other providers so it's great to go on adventures with Finn and Jake, swoop into action with the Powerpuff Girls or fight bad guys with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

We are absolutely loving the Now TV Kids Pass and will definitely be investing in the £2.99 a month for the foreseeable future. It's a great investment to know that Max is enjoying and discovering a whole host of content that he wouldn't get on our normal TV alone! Thank you so much Now TV for introducing us to this fantastic service, we can't wait to have another slumber party!

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  1. Max's little face is a picture!
    Great blog post, love it, Laura!
    Glad you're getting on so well with it :)
    Millie x