The end of Reception

Next week marks the end of Max's first year at school. I honestly can't believe I'm writing that as it feels like only yesterday that we took him for his first day. In the space of a year he has grown from a preschool kid to an intelligent little boy in the blink of an eye. 

We were given his school report yesterday and reading about how he is excelling in most aspects of school, how he loves playing with his friends and how he loves to learn. I love that Max runs to school each morning with a spring in his step as he can't wait to learn, that he comes out of school full of knowledge, stumbling over his words to tell me all the things he did. 

He's made the best group of friends, spending weekends together, going on treasure hunts and playing games in the playground. I can't believe that he's flourished in front of my eyes. Sadly he's not got his best mates in his class next year, it's not a worry as he's got "the coolest teacher" and he can't wait to broaden his horizons and learn more. 

I can't believe it's the end of reception and I can't wait to see my little man grow in year one.

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