Back to School with Brantano

Getting ready for September might be the last thing on your mind with this glorious weather but the time does seem to be flying. We are a family that love to be prepared and organised as close to the start of summer holidays so we can then spend the rest of it enjoying ourselves. One of the first things we try and do is head to our local shoe shop and pick out something for Autumn term. 

Brantano is one of our favourites for shoe shopping, so when we were invited to trial their kid's shoe fitting service we hopped in the car and headed down. I mean who doesn't love shoe shopping, even if it is school shoes!

When we arrived, one of the Brantano staff members Abby was quick to lead us over to the children's section. She sat Max down and asked us when we last had his feet measured (definitely longer than the recommended couple of months!) and quickly measured his feet. Max's feet came up with half a size difference to what we thought, so we were told to possibly go up another half size to allow for growth over summer holidays. 

With that in mind, we were shown the selection of shoes on offer. What we learnt from Max being in Reception was that he scuffed the fronts of his shoes really fast and wore down the stitching from running and playing around. We voiced our concern that a lot of the classic shoe styles would scuff up a lot quicker than we would like. Abby was quick to point out that Hush Puppies would be the best shoe as they had reinforced toecaps meaning there wouldn't be any scuffs until at least half term!

One of the things that I loved was that Abby walked us through each step of the fitting. With Hush Puppies especially, they have a variety of different insoles so that each shoe fits perfectly. This was perfect for us as one of Max's feet measured slightly differently to his other. Brantano work with the parents and fit the shoes whilst holding the spare insoles for you just incase those pesky kids grow and change before September hits. 

Not only do Brantano fit your shoes, they ensure that all their staff members attend a structured training programme and then supervised fittings until they are experts in the field of fitting! For all of their fittings they follow a 6 point check to ensure the best fit for your child's shoes. This definitely gives me the peace of mind as a parent as I know that Max is walking into school with the best shoes to fit his feet.

With brand new shoes, there is nothing left to do but run around the shop to give them a test drive! What we love most about shopping at Brantano is the fact that all the shoes are on the shelves in size order. It means that you can go shopping to your hearts content and don't have to wait to check if something is in your size. Another perk is the fact that there are so many brands under one roof. From Adidas to Clarks with Start Rite thrown in for the mix there is definitely something for everyone.

We did find a fantastic pair of sandals that we loved but unfortunately were slightly too small for Max. Abby offered to order the pair in for us and suggested getting the next size fitted properly when the correct size arrived. This was fantastic service and she definitely went above and beyond what I expected!

Max absolutely loved his trip to Brantano. He managed to find his perfect pair of shoes whilst we were safe in the knowledge that we had been given expert knowledge by some expert fitters. I honestly can't fault the service we received and watched in admiration as the staff took the same care and consideration with every single customer. 

Thank you Brantano for giving Max some super smart shoes for his first day in year 1. He cannot wait to show them off to all his friends in the playground and has definitely been spotted stomping around in them in our lounge! If you are getting things ready for school in September we can highly recommend Brantano. 

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  1. Reading this in preparation for a job interview with Brantano as a Store Manager... If I get the job I will make sure the whole team read this... amazing to see the level of service you received!