Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar

Every now and again a toy comes along that becomes a big hit. One that the parents love, the children love and most of all is fun and educational. We are a family that love toys that provide a learning tool to them as well as being fun. For us, we think the Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar is definitely that pre-school learning toy we all need.

The Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar is the latest addition to our ever growing toy collection and has firmly become our favourite. It takes the basic fundamentals of coding and programming and pops them in an adorable caterpillar to help your little ones learn the basic principals and create endless combinations of movements.

Despite Max only being in reception, he has been learning coding in the classroom using things such as programmable robots and tablet games. The Fisher Price Code-A-Pillar was a perfect addition to his learning at home. It's crazy to think that kids are learning coding from the age of 5, we just had a huge Acorn computer with the same game you could play over and over.

The Code-A-Pillar is one of the easiest toys we have ever had to set up. The box comes with the adorable caterpillar head and lots of command pieces that slot together via USB. I was a bit concerned that Max would find slotting each piece together a bit tricky but they are designed for little fingers and he managed to put them together perfectly. Each piece has a different command on it and the aim is to ensure that the Code-A-Pillar goes from the start disk to the end one.

We have spent hours setting up traps and obstacles for the Code-A-Pillar to weave and wind around and have loved every minute. This summer holidays it has definitely been the biggest hit amongst Max and his friends, with the cute caterpillar making it's way through our flat with shrieks of glee trailing it! You can also buy some additional expansion packs enabling you to do things such as 180 degree turns and make wacky noises. This is definitely something we are looking into for Christmas as it's been such a big hit in our home.

One thing to consider is that the Code-A-Pillar does need quite a lot of space. We have managed to work this to our advantage by utilising the whole of our flat but we also do shorter trips using only two or three segments at a time. Safe to say though that this is one cool toy and I think I might even be learning something along with Max too.

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