Muddy Puddles Puddleflex Jacket

When it comes to raincoats we have a very specific requirement. They need to stand the test of time as we walk to school every day, whatever the weather and they need to be bright enough that we will never lose it. When Muddy Puddles asked us to test drive their Puddleflex jacket we couldn't wait for it to arrive.

Muddy Puddles are a fantastic brand that we already know and love. We have a pair of their Puddlestomper Wellies already and they have definitely withstood everything from school trips to forest walks. Muddy Puddles pride themselves on practical, durable and protective clothing to ensure that children can enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.

Living a stones throw away from gorgeous woodland and beaches, we always try and get out most weekends. Having tested the Puddleflex jacket for a couple of weeks I can safely say that it has surpassed all of my expectations. Not only is it a gorgeous design, with the bright yellow colouring and complimenting striped fleece inside. It has also held up when we've hit some unexpected August showers.

I love that it's warm enough for Max to wear in the winter but also breathable enough that in the summer it will still keep him warm against the harsh coastal winds. Unlike other raincoats we have had, this one is totally waterproof as it uses a water repellent coating that keeps any type of moisture out. Most of the rain jackets we have had normally leak at some time or another.

This jacket is the perfect one for Max to go into year 1 with in September. He told me over the summer holidays that he was a bit fed up with his old one as "it looked babyish". So as soon as he unpacked this he put it on and has hardly taken it off. It's so flexible and non restrictive and doesn't stop him running and jumping like some jackets on the market can. There's some really deep pockets in the jacket too where I have found many a pine cone and feather.

And the best thing of all? Max loves it. I've found that Max is getting more and more style conscious and finding what he likes. So to know that something he loves is comfortable, durable and will keep him warm and dry, well it's a massive thumbs up in my books! I can't wait to do the school run with him in his new, stylish Muddy Puddles Puddleflex Jacket.

*Note, we were given this for the purpose of a review. All opinions are my own.

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