Oxygen Freejumping Southampton

Max doesn't seem to have an off button. So much so, that we sometimes joke that he could outlast a Duracell bunny. So when we were invited up to Oxygen Freejumping in Southampton we honestly couldn't say no! Oxygen Freejumping is a giant trampoline park, filled with different spaces and activities for visitors to enjoy. With everything from parties to toddler sessions, freerunning nights and exercise classes, there is really something for everyone.

We were booked into one of their freejumping sessions, meaning that we had the run of the park to jump to our hearts content. I say we but I opted out (someone has to take the photos!) and we invited Scott's brother Lewis along who's a bit of a pro at trampolining thanks to his cheerleading background.

It's recommended that you prebook to avoid disappointment as they can only allow a certain number of people jumping at any one time. When you get there you are required to sign a waiver, basically saying that you know that jumping can be dangerous. You are also required to purchase some special socks for £2. This isn't to make you spend more money, the socks themselves have grippy bottoms ensuring you don't slip and slide on the trampolines.

Before you enter the park, there are plenty of free lockers for you to leave your shoes and other belongings in. Once that is done you are given a brief instructional video explaining the do's and don'ts of the hour ahead. The staff are really friendly and help you if there are any questions. For those not jumping, you are allowed into the park to watch either at the side of the trampolines or in the viewing platforms that doubles up as a gorgeous cafe. The one in Southampton gives you a great view of the air mats.

The boys absolutely loved jumping. There is such an amazing atmosphere and everyone is so welcoming. I loved the way that even though Max wasn't the greatest, he was still allowed to do as he wanted and jump about to his hearts content. I loved that the staff were on hand at all times and were always there in case things went wrong or people were struggling. Lewis showed off his acrobatic skills whilst Max and Scott gave their own attempts (I'm impressed with Scotts flips!).

After an hour of jumping the boys were well and truly tired out. A fantastic evening spent flipping, running, jumping and tumbling to their hearts delight. As soon as we got into the car Max turned to me and said "can we go again tomorrow". I think that gives you an idea of how much we loved it! Thank you Oxygen for such an amazing evening.

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