Playpress Construction Toy Review

Every now and then a toy comes onto the market that's a bit special. Something that stands out and catches your eye. Playpress was one of those toys for us. Playpress is an innovative construction toy that doesn't need any glue, messy bits and definitely suitable for little fingers. Each play set comes pre-cut and ready to slot together and play with immediately. We were kindly sent the new stand play set to test drive and here is our thoughts. 

When we first opened the package we were so impressed with the quality of the materials. Each play set is made out of sustainable and recyclable board. The pieces are clearly marked and the instructions are super easy to help you build something sturdy that can definitely withstand little hands. Me and Max managed to put the set together in less than 5 minutes with no arguments which I think is a record!

The play sets itself are gender neutral meaning that there's no princess castles or pirate ships. It's all things that children know from around them. I personally think this is fantastic. Max absolutely loves roleplaying with his toys and to use things he knows makes it even easier for him to create those stories.

What I loved the most was the attention to detail. The little pigeon that can perch on the news stand, the variety of magazines and papers on offer and the little bits of money. It was a huge hit in our
house with Max literally playing with it for the whole afternoon, which is unheard of in this house! I just loved how adorable it was. Not only was it cute, durable and stylish, it was an absolute blast to play with. I honestly want to collect all the sets and have them on display they look so good!

At the moment Playpress is funding via Kickstarter. I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite projects that I've seen on Kickstarter and I can't wait to see it reach it's goal meaning I can buy some sets to add to our collection! It's the perfect toy for when kids need to unplug and let out some of their creative energies. We can't wait to see what happens to them next.

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