Pocket Money Toys under £6

Now Max is 5 we tend to treat him to something every now and again if he has been good at school and helped out at home. He's massively into collecting so this is a great way to treat him for some good behaviour and also not let the collecting get out of control. We try and stick to a budget and make sure it's series that he is actually going to get a use out of. Here's some top ones we recommend.

Tsum Tsum Squishies are a fantastic collectors item. These adorable little squishies are based on the bigger Tsum Tsum soft toys that you have probably seen take the world by storm. We were recently sent a packet of their new flocked series and they are brilliant (and dare I say it, I'm hooked!). I love the way that they can stack on top of each other but are also amazing toys. Max absolutely adores them too. I really like the way you can see 3 of the toys in the packet but one stays a mystery, meaning there are little chances for duplicates compared to blind bags.

Lego Minifigures are brilliant little additions to our Lego collection. Each series has a set of 16 minifigures to collect. They are supposed to be blind bags but with some super sleuthing you can normally work out what is in each one (perfect for Max who gets bored with duplicates).

Pokemon Trading Cards are Max's new obsession. These are fairly pricey at £3.99 for a pack of 10 cards but with Scott being a Pokemon fan too, it's worth the investment.

Funko Mystery Minis are a great little collectors item. You don't know which adorable figure you get until you open the box. Some of them are really rare too!

Surprise Eggs are fantastic. Averaging £1 and crammed with treats and sweets, they are the perfect pocket money toys. We tend to pick a few up and hide them around the house to make it a bit of a scavenger hunt. With recognisable characters, there is one for everyone to enjoy.

Imaginext Blind Bags are another favourite of ours. Max loves the Imaginext toys and these are perfect for adding to our collection.

Top Trumps are an institution in our house. We love taking these card games on the road and love that there is literally a pack for every brand and franchise out there. I've already got a few to pop in Max's stocking this Christmas.

Orchard Toys Mini Games are fantastic. At £4.99, these mini games are perfect for fast and on the go fun.

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