A Lunchbox Dinner

Since Max started school, he has had a hot cooked meal at school and had a lunchbox meal for dinner. This is great as I often find that he eats more of a variety at school than he would at home! It does however mean that I have to be more and more creative when it comes to food so we aren't stuck with the same jam sandwiches.

Flora have recently discovered that only 1.6% of lunchbox meals meet food based standards for school meals. It also means that many children aren't being given fruit or veg in their lunches. I do get concerned with the amount of good stuff that Max does eat, whilst he loves fruit and veg he is fond of a sweet treat or two.

Using Floras fantastic lunchbox guide, it's easy to put together a healthy and nutritious meal. For each box you need to focus on creating a main, snack and ensuring there is fruit and veg in the box too. Flora have some fantastic meal suggestions using various different dinosaurs too! We were quite fond of the Velociraptor one but ended up creating a monster lunch box of our own.

For our lunchbox we opted to section it off using mini muffin cases. I normally pick them up in the pound shop as it's a fantastic way to portion out food for Max. Max chose a sandwich filled with home cooked ham, sweetcorn and Flora spread. He then chose some mini sunbaked crackers and malt loaf as a snack, malt loaf is one of those foods we adore as a family! Finally he chose some cherry tomatoes and banana for his fruit and veg.

Max absolutely loves his dinnertime lunch boxes. The Flora lunch builder is fantastic and has been stuck to our fridge since we got it, with so many handy ideas and suggestions we are never stuck for dinner ideas. Max now has a scrummy lunch box either tucked in the fridge or on the side for when he gets home from school, and we haven't had any complaints yet!

What do you love putting in your lunch boxes? Have you tried Flora's recipe ideas yet?

This post is an entry for the #FloraLunchbox Linky Challenge, sponsored by Flora. Check out their lunch planner and recipe ideas here 

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