East Sleep Doodle Place Mats Review

Max loves being creative and I love finding unusual gifts so when Eat Sleep Doodle contacted us to see if we wanted to review their washable doodle place mats I was definitely intrigued! I've always been dubious about products that market themselves as washable and reusable so I couldn't wait to test drive these place mats. Priced at £20, these are a great price for a fantastic quirky gift. 

In the pack you get 4 large place mats and a pack of 10 pens which are double ended to provide you with a thick brush pen and a thin fine line marker. The pens come in a handy zip lock bag which is great for keeping them all in one place. 

I tend to get Max to sit down and do some quiet activities whilst I am cooking dinner. It allows him time to wind down and unplug for the evening and means that I can keep an eye on him! I normally get him to do some handwriting practice, but the place mats are a fantastic way to let him get creative in a different way. 

I set Max the task of drawing his dinner (fish fingers with peas and mash potato) whilst I cooked it. He loved how easy it was to draw and write on the place mat and I loved how vibrant the colours are. Max was super proud of his drawing and loved how he could do his handwriting practice  on his place mat without being told off. I loved adding some finishing touches to his place mat and even doodled my own one later!

Of course the main selling point of this product is the washability. I was still dubious that this bright and vibrant pen would stay on the place mats but by following the instructions (40 degree wash) they came out brand new and ready for the next doodles to take their place. I was blown away at how clean they looked and it's become a staple in our home to doodle before dinner.

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