Octonauts Gup-K Review

Out of all the tv shows on at the moment, Octonauts is one of our favourites by far. Not only do the kids love watching Captain Barnacles and the gang, but as a parent I feel that it teaches them so much about marine life and conservation. Fisher Price recently asked us if we wanted to review the new Remote Control Gup-K and Max couldn't wait to give it a test drive!

As with all Fisher Price toys, I have to commend them on how easy it is to actually get in the box! No longer do you have to wrestle with ties, scissors and plastic. There are perforated edges and simple ties to get it out and play in minutes. You do need 4 AA and 2 AAA batteries to fully get started but the toy can be played with without batteries too.

Based around the new Gup-K that wades through the swamps and outbacks, this set comes with the Gup-K and remote control, Captain Barnacles, two swamp speeders, a water cannon with dart and a baby alligator. Due to the batteries, this Gup isn't intended to be used under water.

Having most of the Octonauts toys, this one fit in with the rest of the set perfectly. Max managed to swap the characters and create hours of play from the set. The remote control was a fantastic feature, Max loved watching it zoom around our flat and the figures stayed in the Gup thanks to the pegs that hold the characters in place. As it moves, the mouth has a chomping action like an alligator which was a fantastic addition.

We did lose the water cannon dart pretty fast (it definitely flies!) but managed to improvise with one of the other cannon darts from another Octonauts set. This Octonauts Gup toy is the perfect addition to any existing set, or is perfect to introduce your child to the fantastic Octonauts series. I love how durable and hard wearing it is, it's definitely a top toy!

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