Saltrock Clothing Review

Saltrock have been a wardrobe staple for our whole family for as long as I can remember. Whether it's men's clothes for Scott, women's clothes for me or stuff for Max we always have something Saltrock in our wardrobe. Recently Max was kindly sent some new tops and jumpers to review and he couldn't wait to put on a mini fashion show for us!

(Zip Through Hoodie)

One thing I love about Saltrock is the quality of the clothes. Because they are targeted as a surf/skate/ski brand, no matter what you are buying, they are made of thick material and are extremely hard wearing. Not only that, but the clothes are soft to touch and wash so well that I don't mind Max getting dirty in them as I know they will always come up clean!

The shopping experience on their site is always great. There is always a varied selection to choose from and we love the slogan tops that they have on offer (both of the boys have loads stuffed in their wardrobes!). Max has a bit of a surfer/skater style so the clothes fit perfectly, especially when he can be really fussy with what he wears. They always tend to have some great bargains and what we bought only came to £30! You could get a complete new wardrobe for an absolute steal.

(I Wanna Rock Top)

As you can see, all the clothes that we picked are super stylish and Max loves them! We opted to go for some tops in a couple of sizes up so that Max could use them as jumpers. He much prefers lots of thin layers to thick ones in winter as he doesn't stop running around. I love how bold the designs are on each of the tops and that Saltrock have managed to include their brand name in each design cleverly.

My favourites definitely have to be the leaf patterned jumper and the green rock tee. I love that Max seems to look good in anything that we get him and as soon as I got the camera out, he couldn't stop striking different poses (obviously drama lessons are starting to pay off!). Saltrock is one of those brands that I will continue to go back to time and time again. Not only do they make fabulous clothes, they are also at a great price point that I don't mind spending money on. Especially for a child that doesn't stop growing.

Thank you Saltrock for letting us try some of your new items. We can't wait to put in our next order!

Note, we recieved these items for the purpose of a review.

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