Marwell Zoo in Winter

At the end of November we were invited to Marwell Zoo to meet the big man Santa. Whilst we were there we wanted to explore the park. We rarely go to Marwell as it's a bit of a tricky drive for us, so when we do we like to make the most of it. We were aware the weather wasn't going to be too brilliant and that there was a bitter chill in the air, so we wrapped up warm and couldn't wait to see what Marwell in winter had to offer. 

The first thing you should note is that nothing is closed off in winter. This is fantastic as you know you are still getting your moneys worth and not missing a thing. We did find that a few of the animals were in their enclosures rather than roaming around, but that's understandable!

One thing we love about Marwell Zoo is how interactive it is. We love the massive interactive screens showing us where things are and what's on and also the mini screens along the way giving you all the information you need on the animals in the park. Max grabbed one of the explorer booklets as we entered, which meant that he had some stamps to collect along the way. This helped us concentrate when the weather got a bit too cold.

The best thing about heading to Marwell Zoo in the winter is how empty it is. It really makes you think how much you could miss out on during the summer months when there are so many people. We managed to get up close and personal to so many animals and had some great chats with the keepers. Max learnt so much about the animals that he wanted to do a mini project when he got home.

Marwell Zoo have also added some new areas and play spaces which meant that there was enough pit stops the whole way round the Zoo. We decided to eat in the cafe, but there is indoor eating space if you prefer to bring a picnic in the winter.

For all you Pokemon Go fans, Marwell Zoo is full of Pokestops and gyms which was great for the time we were walking between the enclosures!

We absolutely loved our visit to Marwell Zoo, not only did we get to see Santa, we also had a blast roaming free in the park. We loved how empty it felt so will definitely be making a winter trip a regular thing! With so much to do and see we loved having the time to unplug and spend time as a family doing something different.

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