Wicked Uncle - Perfect For Hard To Buy Kids

Buying presents for kids at any time of year can be tough. Most of the time you have a rough idea, but we all know kids can be tough to buy for. That's where Wicked Uncle comes into play. It's not just a toy website, it's a present paradise for people that have no clue what to buy kids. 

The best part about the Wicked Uncle website is that finding a present is as easy as 1,2,3. You can either select what type of child you are buying for (Max definitely falls under the creative and adventurer types) or you can choose by gender or age. This is perfect as you know the gifts will be not just be age specific but also tailored towards their interests.

I set my brother the challenge of finding something for Max with a voucher given to us by the Wicked Uncle team. Within an hour I had a text from him saying that the present was ordered and it would be there shortly. For someone who always struggles to find something for Max, it was crazy to think that he had picked a gift out in such a short space of time.

My brother made a fantastic choice for Max. He chose a junior Meccano set as he knows how much Max loves to build and create things. It's something that Max has played with constantly since we got it. Not only has he made the 4 models, he has also created some fantastic creations of his own. I couldn't have picked a better gift for him (and me! I love playing with it too!).

Wicked Uncle is a fantastic platform to find the perfect gift for kids of any age. There's some fantastic gifts on there which I am eyeing up for some of Max's friends birthdays that are coming up. Thank you Wicked Uncle for being an amazing shopping destination. You have definitely saved us hours of scouring the shops and web!

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