Back To School With Kipling

Since Max has started year 1 he seems to have grown up overnight. No longer does he want me to walk him into the playground, and he cringes when I kiss him goodbye in front of all his friends. Mister Independent is ready to take on the school year, and whilst he's loving not being the smallest in the school; Year 1 has also brought him more homework, more projects and for him, more books to read!

Unfortunately the book bag we got when he first started school is no longer cutting it. We can't fit everything in and we were on the lookout for a rucksack that would tick all the boxes. So when we were asked if we wanted to review the Kipling Clas Seoul bag, we couldn't wait to put it to the test. 

The first thing to note about the bag is the gorgeous colour. We opted for teal and I can honestly say that the pictures do not do it justice. The colour is so rich and gorgeous that I may want to steal it for myself! I also love that the bright colour means that I can see it from across the playground and it also really compliments his sunshine yellow jacket. There is also the classic Kipling logo on the back and the Kipling name embossed on the grab handle, not forgetting the gorgeous Kipling monkey keyring attached on the side of the bag.

One of the main problems with Max's book bag was that there was no compartments. His drink would often leak onto his books and his fruit and jumper would always end up mashed together. Luckily the Kipling Clas Seoul has solved that problem. With zips and pockets galore, there is room for everything from his pencil case to snacks and books. The main compartment has enough space to store a laptop too. Whilst Max is too young to carry a laptop with him, the space in his bag means that he can comfortably fir his PE kit and school projects in one bag.

One of the problems I normally find with rucksacks is the straps can make them uncomfortable to wear. I love that Kipling have taken this on board and developed some super soft and padded straps. Not only that they have also attached some handy clips to hold the flyaway strap excess. This is perfect as Max is currently wearing the straps at the smallest setting, it means there's plenty of room for growth and this bag will hopefully last him all the way through to senior school.

After using the bag for nearly a week, I can safely say I am more than impressed. The high quality bag definitely ticks all of our boxes and it's had tonnes of positive comments from the other mums at the school gate. We've even used it for a day out and it had more than enough space for all of our bits and pieces.

The Kipling Clas Seoul bag is the perfect school bag for us. Not only is there ample space for everything, but it looks fantastic and is built to last. Max is super impressed with his new bag and absolutely loves taking it to school and walking through the school gates with pride. Thank you Kipling for helping us go back to school in style.


  1. This looks like such a good quality backpack and if it can hold everything Max needs for school then it is more than worth its money x

  2. I have had a few Kipling bags in my time and they have always been well made. The monkey of course is an added bonus! Love how this rucksack looks so spacious and it has padded straps so would be comfy on.