Barely Methodical Troupe - Lighthouse Poole

There's something magical about watching acrobatics. Seeing people fly across the stage with such ease that you sit there with your heart in your mouth hoping they land in one piece. We were recently invited to the Lighthouse Poole, to see Barely Methodical Troupe's performance of Kin. Let's just say, we were blown away.

This is Barely Methodical Troupe's second show, this one based on how the men in the group jostled for the attention of their female acrobat. Armed with a clipboard and buzzer, she put the men through a series of paces. From joking around, to demonstrating skills that you sit opened mouthed at, the narrative really drives the show. 

I took Max along with me, knowing that he is amazed by everything gymnastic and acrobatic. He sat in awe the whole way through, clapping loudly and shouting "bravo" and "oh my goodness" whenever they did a flip, jump, trick and stunt. We loved the way that they used props such as the hoop, see-saw and planks to create illusions to amaze. 

Acrobatics are the most exciting when you are sat there, pulse racing and Kin is one of those shows that takes your breath away. The tour is continuing to other venues and I urge you to check it out. You won't be disappointed. 

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