Our London Trip - The Art Of The Brick

Whenever I ask Max where he wants to go on a day trip, nine times out of ten it's London. He's fascinated by the capital and is constantly looking at photos and videos of the sights and sounds. We were recently invited up to London to attend the exhibition The Art Of The Brick: DC Super Heroes. After keeping it secret from Max until the moment we got on the train, he was beside himself and he couldn't wait!

Based in a purpose built set up covered with comic book characters on the Southbank, The Art Of The Brick is an exhibition that combines two of Max and Scott's favourite things; Lego and DC. You walk around the exhibition and see an amazing array of sculptures made completely out of Lego. From villains to iconic comic covers, there are awe inspiring models and photo opportunities galore. You walk around the exhibition amazed and then realise that the next section is better and better. We left the exhibition constantly talking about our favourite pieces and haven't stopped recommending it to others since. 

We then headed to the Lego Store, why not add to our Lego filled day with a peek at the store of our favourite brick. We hadn't had the chance to have a look at it since it opened late last year, so were eager to see if it lived up to our expectations. Let me tell you it exceeded them. It was fairly busy, but the security were on hand to make sure it stayed at a certain level. We were eager to create ourselves out of mini figures, and whilst the choice of parts wasn't the most inspiring, to purchase 3 figures for £4.99 was a bargain and we snapped them up.

After a frantic morning, we needed a relaxing afternoon. And with the heat rising we headed to the Science Museum to let Max run wild. He's a really inquisitive boy and is constantly questioning things about the world around us so we knew that he would love it. He truly had a magical time learning and exploring the world of science and came out amazed at some of the things he discovered.

Whilst we might have been tired out from a day seeing the sights, Max had the most magical day and loved every minute of it. We may even be looking at when we can head back up to the capital soon!

*Note: We received tickets for The Art Of The Brick as part of our Ticketmaster Minimaster partnership.

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