Tasting The Real Greek - Review

As most of you know, I am a sucker for a good meal. So when The Real Greek invited me to the opening of their restaurant in the BH2 complex, I couldn't wait. The Real Greek is situated on the edge of the complex and features a fantastic Taratsa (terrace dining) that overlooks the Bournemouth gardens. 

It was a warm spring evening, the perfect weather to sit back and relax eating some Greek food. The main idea of eating Greek style is to order a few small dishes, dive in a share. Spend time with your loved ones and let the conversation flow. I dragged along Tamsin, one of my school mum friends for a good old gossip over some gorgeous food. She had never had Greek cuisine before and I couldn't wait for her to try it (and love it as much as me!).

We were fortunate to experience a bit of everything off the menu, I honestly think that choosing would have been too much of an overwhelming decision for me as it all looked amazing. From scrummy falafels to gorgeous lamb keftes and grilled halloumi. Each dish that was brought out was just superb and you could constantly hear us muttering how good it was. Tamsin was definitely won over!

I've always been a fan of Greek food, mainly because of the fantastic mix of flavours that you get from each dish. I'm also not one for massive, heavy dishes so love the lightness of the Greek way of eating. I loved that Me and Tamsin could sit and pick at our meals, chat freely and didn't feel like we had anywhere to be. We kept commenting how it would be a perfect place to get the mums together for a summer lunch, with or without the kids.

The Real Greek have capitalised on their gorgeous surrounding and have created a picnic bag just for the store. For £20 you get a selection of dishes and a bottle of wine to take and enjoy in the gardens or the beach. With the weather turning into a scorching summer, I'm pretty sure we will be taking advantage of this offer a few times! They also have a kid's menu that looks like it will satisfy even the most fussiest of eaters, so we will definitely be heading back with Max.

The atmosphere at the new BH2 complex is fantastic. It honestly felt like we were somewhere that wasn't Bournemouth. With the picturesque views, we felt like we were on a Greek island sipping our juices and eating a delicious meal. The Real Greek have done a fantastic job of whisking you away to another world, whilst still only being on my doorstep. I can't wait to go back! Thank you The Real Greek for the invite, it was truly a pleasure!

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