Getting Summer Ready with Simply Be

I'm the first to admit that I'm not the most body confident. Being a plus size woman means that I struggle to find outfits on the high street and whilst I fit in the clothes size wise, I find that the cuts just aren't flattering at all. I was recently invited by Simply Be to try out some of their holiday clothes and get summer ready. 

I've always loved shopping at Simply Be. I tend to find their clothes fit true to size (and sometimes a bit big- bonus!) so I know I'm always in safe hands. They also know exactly how to dress a slightly bigger figure so you know whatever you buy will be flattering and stylish. 

I wanted to pick something that I would normally wear and also some clothes that would push my style to it's limits. I tend to normally go for the same stuff as I know it suits me, but I'm trying to be a bit more adventurous this year. I love that Simply Be have a massive selection of summer clothes and whilst I tend to wear leggings with everything, it's good to know if I did dare to bare the legs, the styles would be flattering and fine. 

I decided to go for a black print ruffle tea dress which has since served me well for a slightly fancy night out. I'm not normally one for ruffles but I love that this is a small taste of something new when I want to feel adventurous. It's quite heavy in terms of material so I'm going to have to avoid it now the weather is so much hotter. But it is a gorgeous dress!

Next up I chose this lovely paisley print cut out babydoll dress (similar here). It has cut out details on the top of the dress which I love as it's so feminine and pretty. The material is so lightweight which has been a godsend over the hotter days and it's a perfect dress for anything from work to a night out. Whilst I don't like dressing up, I've received so many compliments upon wearing this dress that I like to prance around pretending I'm a princess.

I also picked this navy bomber jacket which is AMAZING. I've always been dubious about bomber jackets, mainly because of the cut and fit. But this is a dream to wear. It's lightweight enough that you can layer up in summer but also warm enough for chilly school runs in the morning. It's really flattering and definitely a jacket that has become a staple for me. 

Finally I stepped way out of my comfort zone with these Sole Diva glitter pumps. I am obsessed with wearing pumps and have a trusty pair of Vans at all times, but I always tend to stick to dark colours. These glitter ones are everything you would ever want to feel like a princess/unicorn/rockstar. With an ombre from silver to pink, these shoes are so comfy and definitely a statement piece. I've worn these to a blogger event and had so many compliments that I'm in love with them. 

I'm absolutely loving these clothes from Simply Be. Stepping out of my comfort zone clothing wise can be a pretty intimidating thing but I'm loving all these little bits that are making me feel gorgeous and summer ready.

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