Mighty Claws Adventure Golf Review

Last weekend we were invited to Mighty Claws Adventure Golf, a dinosaur themed adventure golf trail based at Playgolf Bournemouth. We are huge fans of crazy golf, and as a pretty competitive family, we couldn't wait to get our claws stuck in. 

Mighty Claws Adventure Golf is situated on Riverside Avenue in Bournemouth, for those locals it's just past the Tesco by Bournemouth Hospital. With ample parking and based on the site of a proper golf course, it's got everything you would need for a fantastic family day out. 

Upon paying, you collect your golf clubs, balls and a scoring sheet and head out to the giant gates welcoming you into the Mighty Claws park. There are 18 holes placed around the park, with different difficulties for each one. The course is suitable for children age 4 and up and would usually take between 1 and 2 hours to complete. 

When arriving there is ample space for buggies and wheelchairs to be parked, though there is space to take it around the course if it isn't busy. Surrounding the course is animatronic dinosaurs, prehistoric looking decorations including a volcano and sound effects that really set the mood and feel of the course. It made even waiting to play a hole tonnes of fun as we read the stories, spotted the dinosaurs and soaked in all the fun!

Some of the holes are fairly tricky, with streams to hop balls over and trick shots that need precise putting. At the start of each hole, there is a handy board that shows you how to get a hole in one. We managed to each get some holes in one and the friendly competition ramped up between us. We had great fun trying to put each other off and cheating every once in a while. 

 The day we turned up, we realised that everyone had a similar idea and with a long queue of people waiting to get started we feared we would be waiting a long time to get around the course. The queue managed to go pretty fast and we managed to complete the course in just under 2 hours.

We had an absolute blast as we went around the course. And whilst I won (yay!), Max had an amazing time and Scott is eager to return to knock the crown off my head. We love thinking of new ways to spend time together as a family, and this is definitely one that we are putting to the top of our list!

Thank you Mighty Claws for an amazing day out, we can't wait to return and get our claws stuck in to another round of golf.

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