5 Signs You've Found Your Mum Tribe

It's always been tricky for me to make mum friends. For me, I've either been scared of being judged, not had enough time to dedicate to the friendship or we've just simply drifted apart. I've also been burned more times than not when it comes to mum friends. I've got a handful that are fierce, that I've known since Max was little and whilst we may not see each other all the time, it feels like no time has passed when we do. But I've found my tribe, I've found those amazing women that I see every day, that I'm keeping hold of for as long as I can.

Finding mum friends as a whole can be tough. I feel like there is a real difference between friends and friends. The ones that you are fiercely attached to compared to seeing every now and again and enjoy spending time with. That's not to say I only have them, I've got tonnes of mum friends that I see regularly and love to pieces.

It almost feels like dating when you try and find those friends. You stumble through playdates with them, go on evenings out and if it doesn't work you just smile in the playground and keep conversation light. That is until you find the ones where things just click and you get that feeling in your stomach that you hope they have too.

I could spend hours writing about how amazing my ladies are. How they are always there at the end of the phone, always a drive away no matter the problem day or night. But I think I would probably bore you to death. Instead I'm going to give you 5 handy ways to know you've found your ladies. The ones that you will never let go of.

  1. They will band together through thick and thin. We aren't adverse to a bit of drama in our group. But knowing that whatever happens, they will be at the other end of the phone to help out with Max or one of the other kids is amazing. We've had some huge ups and downs this past year, not as friends but in our lives and they have been there with a reassuring hug or a pull your big girls pants on. They aren't afraid to tell it like it is and I love that about them.
  2. They will treat your kids like their own. From everything to congratulations to telling off, these kids are growing up like best friends and siblings the amount of time we are spending together. To know that the other mums won't care if I've given Max a telling off in front of them, or that I've told their own kids to stop messing around is amazing. We all seem to know exactly what to do and step in and help parent when needed.
  3. They will listen to your rants. From kids not sleeping to partners doing something that just winds you up. Our group chats are full of highs and lows of us talking about anything and everything. I mean if you can't have a girly moan with your mum tribe about there being no gin in the house and a child that won't sleep, who can you have a girly moan with!
  4. They will laugh with you until you can't breathe. There have been so many occasions where we end up laughing until we can't stop. Where we have in jokes that will last years down the line. Where we go to the cinema and are the only ones laughing in the whole theatre. I can honestly laugh with them over something that doesn't even make sense.
  5. They will love you for who you are. I've never found many friends as an adult that I can honestly say I am 100% myself around. I always feel like I hold something back and don't give my all. It may be because I'm scared of getting hurt, but with these ladies it's different. I can tell them anything, be myself with them and not worry about anything. I can honestly say that without them I wouldn't be half as cheerful as I am today. 
It's taken me a long time to get this comfortable with other mum friends, but these ones are for keeps and they honestly have no choice in the matter!

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