Camp Bestival 2017 - Max's Review

 It feels like Max is a bit of a festival pro. Having been to many each year since he was born (and in utero!), he loves to compare and enjoy each and every one of them no matter how big or small. This was Max's second Camp Bestival after last going when he was 2 years old. And whilst he swears he remembers the last time, this time we gave him the reins and let him create his ultimate festival day.

Max is a pretty chilled out kid, he's happy to go along with things as long as he knows he's getting something at the end of it that he will enjoy. So going around the festival felt like a piece of cake as he took in every inch of the place and loved every moment. 

Whilst us adults were happy not to camp, Max was a bit miffed each morning when we walked through the campsite that he wasn't there with everyone. He's a kid that is obsessed with the outdoors and it was probably an error on our part that we didn't bunk down with everyone else. We've definitely given him a loose promise that if we come back next year we will camp!

One thing that Max loves probably more than anything is food. So each morning we popped to our amazing hosts Dorset Cereals where Max ate his weight in cereal. We absolutely loved starting our day with a bowl of cereal as it filled us up and really got us ready for a day of walking around fields and soaking up the atmosphere.

Max also loved heading to the Rowntrees bar, where after completing a series of tasks he was gifted with some of their new 30% less sugar sweets. They proved to be a fantastic addition to snack on whilst we wandered round through the weekend!

Of course our weekend didn't revolve around just food. Max was desperate to see some of the kids acts that graced the stage. For him, his highlights were School Of Rock, Dick and Dom and Tongue Fu. He absolutely loved Tongue Fu, where spoken word and poetry join forces to make a fun show for kids. Max really enjoyed jumping on stage, getting involved and being part of the creative process that he saw in front of him. 

His main highlight was watching Andy and the Odd Socks on the Sunday morning. Andy is one of the only Cbeebies presenters that we all still love as a family, and when we knew that his band was coming to play we had to be there at the front. Max absolutely loved dancing and singing along to some of his favourite songs and at 10:45 on a Sunday morning, he really had the packed tent going!

Similarly to us adults, one of Max's favourite places was the Caravanserai. A haven for all of us where Max spent hours playing in the old caravans, rolling in mud and having a blast with the other children in the area. It was a magical corner of the festival that we all talk about at bedtime as being one of our favourite bits. 

We also loved the Love-Bot. An interactive art installation robot that really captured our hearts as well as captivated Max for the entire weekend. Max absolutely adored all the small details that Camp Bestival add to their festival to truly transport their audience at the weekend. No matter the weather, Max loved every moment and couldn't wait to head back each morning for another day of fun. In fact, I can assure you there were tears when we left on Sunday night as a tired buy didn't want to leave this magical dreamworld of a festival. 

In his own words: " Camp Bestival was amazing despite the weather being a bit muddy. I had so much fun making new friends, exploring fun places and having one of the best weekends ever. I can't wait to go back".

*Note: We were kindly sent tickets by Dorset Cereal to enjoy the weekend and review it honestly.

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  1. Andy was our highlight too ;) Great review, it was good to see you! xx