Mifold Car Seat Review

The problem with having only one child means that you only have one car seat. For us that becomes a real problem when it comes to last minute school pick ups, days out with friends or general car emergencies. Luckily the Mifold grab and go booster seat is on hand to give us that car boost we need. 

At 10 times smaller than a normal booster seat, I'll be honest and say I was pretty apprehensive about trying it. Car safety is of the utmost importance to me and Max still sits in a high back booster to keep himself protected. But we've been talking about picking up a booster seat to have as a spare, especially as we go on lots of days out.  So when the opportunity came along and I did some reading about it, I realised there was nothing to lose and it could turn out to shatter my expectations of a portable booster. 

The Mifold is suitable for children aged 4-12 and whilst the regulations are changing for car seats, this hits all the regulations for child car restraints. When it comes to safety and also is just as safe as a normal seat. 

The seat itself folds in half, enabling you to pack it into a rucksack or keep it in the glove compartment of your car. By doing so, it allows you the freedom of not lugging a heavy car seat around and also knowing your child is safe if you pop in a car for a drive. We opted for the seat in this gorgeous bright green colour. Not only as it's Max's favourite colour, but also so we knew where it was when we needed it!

The seat itself works by lowing the seatbelt to the height of your child, rather than lifting them up to fit an adult strap. By doing so it cuts out the bulk of a product and allows you to have something uniquely portable. There are three seat belt adjustment settings on the seat allowing you to tailor it to your child. These clip in and out easily and set the lap part of the belt close to your child's hips. The third clip secures the seatbelt near your child's collarbone ensuring a tight fit and keeping it away from their face and neck.

The first thing we had to comment on was how easy it was to set up. From clipping him in to driving away was less than two minutes. And that included adjusting the back strap as Max was a tad shorter than the strap was out of box. I was really impressed with the seat and Scott has commented that he feels like Max is more secure in it than he is the high back booster.

Whilst we have used the car seat, it tends to be our second one when we have some of Max's friends in the car. It's so handy and perfect for summer holidays and spending time with our friends. We've taken it out with us on picnics and days out and had so many comments from the mums in my group about how fab it is. We even have the kids argue as to who will sit in the Mifold over the traditional high back booster!

Overall I'm won over and totally converted. It's a car seat that I can see us getting years of use out of and will be perfect for when we are travelling overseas with family and friends (We're packing it for Disney when we drive up to London!). Priced at around £49.99 it's a fantastic price for those that are money and safety conscious. I can't wait to see where our next Mifold adventure will take us!

*Note we were sent a Mifold for review. All opinions are our own.

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