Octo-Alert at Weymouth Sealife - Review

Max has been obsessed with sea life and marine life for as long as we can remember. With an uncle as a marine biology graduate, he's grown up learning about jellyfish and other critters that live in the sea. Last week me, Max and one of his friends were invited to the Sealife Adventure Park in Weymouth to check out some of their new areas and meet the Octonauts as part of their summer event. 

Until the 28th August, The Octonauts have taken over the Sealife Adventure Park. They have set up home and have provided lots of Octo-adventures for everyone to enjoy and decode. Not to mention the gang themselves are appearing to meet some young Octo-Explorers. Max is a huge Octonauts fan, so he was thrilled to meet Kwaazi and hang out with him for a photo shoot. We didn't spend too much time in the Octonauts area as it felt more catered for a slightly younger audience but we had a fab time in the Octo-zone none the less!

Upon entering the Sealife Adventure Park, the kids were handed some explorers books to check off as they went round. By following the numbered exhibits, they managed to explore and collect stamps to add to their collection. We've seen this at a number of places now and love it as it really keeps them engaged as they go around and also adds to the excitement of a great day out. One thing we did feel was missing on the booklet was a map though as the  kids really love the idea of planning the route as we walk around.

We started the tour by looking at some of our local wildlife along with a few more exotic things that can be found in the rainforest. After peeking through tunnels and pretending to be trapped (see above!) we decided to head to the rock pool and meet some of the sea life. Max soon realised that touching creatures he wasn't sure of wasn't his cup of tea, but Rubi loved the starfish!

We were impressed with how much picnic areas there were dotted around the park. It's really refreshing to see that the emphasis isn't on spending money in the cafe, and we had a fab time pausing halfway to eat some food and talk about our favourite bits so far.

By far our favourite areas were the Ocean Tunnel, where we spent what felt like hours just watching all the creatures swim by absolutely in awe. It's amazing to get up so close to them and the walkway feels like you are in there with them. We also loved the turtle area, where we all fell head over heels for the little turtles (and may have wanted to take them home with us!).

We then headed to the new ideas zone where Max and Rubi had a chance to rescue a turtle. This was an absolutely amazing area that the kids absolutely fell in love with. They spent so long rescuing turtle after turtle, learning how to look after them and make sure they had the right food. We literally had to drag them away from the area to let some other children have a go. I truly commend Sealife for putting such a fantastic zone into their Adventure Park.

We spent a large part of our trip at the new Caribbean Cove play area that opened earlier this year. Based outside at the back of the park, this adventure playground really captured the kids imagination. We managed to bump into a friend (Emma from With Happy Hearts) and the kids had a blast running wild for a good chunk of time whilst we caught up.

You can tell you have had a good day when Max falls asleep as soon as we get home! Marine life will always hold a place in our hearts and Max loves nothing more than learning about the world around him. Weymouth Sealife Adventure Park is a fantastic place to learn and have fun together as a family. Thank you so much for the invite Sealife! We can't wait to head back.

*Note: We were provided with tickets, our opinions are our own.

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