The Treatment - July Reads

July was a slow month for books. In fact I only seemed to read two books the whole month. Despite trying and giving myself time to read, nothing really struck me and kept my attention. It may have been something to do with me handing my notice in at Waterstones, wanting to keep hold of all the books and savour them. Or it might have just been the fact we were rushed off our feet and we didn't stop. 

Despite only reading two books, I did have one clear favourite of the month. The other book left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, but this one kept me hooked on each page. The Treatment by C. L. Taylor is Cally's first attempt at a YA thriller and it really did thrill.

The Treatment is based around The Academy, a reform school that gives parents a last ditch attempt at their rebellious teens. When Drew gets a message asking for help from her brother who is in the academy, she decides the only way to help him is infiltrate and break him out.

I honestly loved this book. I think that whatever review I write won't do it justice. it was a book that captivated me, held me and had me gasping at each page. An exciting thriller that really did thrill me and left me begging for a second instalment (please tell me there is a second!). Not many teen books this year have really ticked the boxes for a fantastic thriller, but this is one that stood out from the crowd.

As with all thrillers, it's a book that you can't really talk about too much as it would give a lot of the story away, just trust me that it was amazing and it's definitely going to keep you hooked.

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