Making Space with eBay

 When you become a parent, it's really easy to hold onto anything and everything as a just in case. I know I'm guilty of hanging on to toys and bits and bobs thinking that I'm bound to need them at some point in the future. This mentality seems to have rubbed off on Max too, with him begging me to keep each and every one of his toys despite them sitting untouched for months.

This year though I am determined to change my ways. Throughout 2017 I have been slowly going through our possessions, throwing stuff away and donating things to charity. I've now got a pretty big pile of stuff though to sell and after having no luck shifting stuff on Facebay sites (let's face it, no one even turns up if you sell on there!) I've decided to give eBay a go.

I've used eBay sporadically over the past eight or so years, mainly to buy things but also to sell high ticket items that I know I can make some decent money on. Over the summer holidays, me and Max went through all of his toys to see what we could sell on eBay in an effort to cut down before his birthday and Christmas. Not only that, but Max has started to grow out of a lot of his imaginative play things and wants us to invest in more Lego and Meccano. 

After a few attempts at logging into my account (yes it's been that long!), I decided to see how easy it would be to list a couple of items. I opted for something new and something old to test the water instead of throwing myself in at the deep end with hundreds of items. 

EBay has made the process so easy to list products and I was amazed that it took me no time at all. They advise you to:

  • SNAP IT: Take a photo of your item, make it look good and be sure to be truthful. Point out any blemishes or problems with it.
  • WRITE IT: Write a quick description, title and product outline. There are some fab category suggestions and you can use drop down menus to find brands and conditions for your items.
  • PRICE IT: Here is where you choose if you want to auction it or do a buy it now. You can also determine how many days the product is listed for and also how the buyer can pay.
  • POST IT: There are two options here. You can choose to post the parcel, where you select the price for shipping. Or you can opt for the buyer to collect the item if it's a bit too large for the post!
I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to upload and I know over the next coming days I will be listing more and more as I find things around the house. By doing it on my phone, it made the job ten times easier than doing it on the computer. We are hoping to save up to go to Walt Disney World in a few years, so we have vowed any money we get from selling will go into the savings pot. I can't see how much we make!

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