Our Summer Round-Up 2017

I can hardly believe it's already the end of August. On one hand, I'm so pleased that Max is going back as we've reached the point of irritating each other. But on the other hand I'm going to miss our days out and adventures together. At the start of each summer we write a bucket list of things we want to do and achieve and I tend to summarise and check them off at the end of the holidays. 

The weather definitely wasn't on our side this holidays. Compared to the long summer nights we spent at the beach and splash park last year, this year has been filled with thunder, rain and duvet days. The weather seems to be turning a bit nicer now so hopefully it will be better when we head to Cornwall and Disney in the next few weeks!

This summer brought a whole new learning curve for us when I decided to quit my job and go freelance and Scott decided to quit his job and start working nights. It's been tough, but we are managing and if we can cope in the summer holidays I'm pretty sure we will be fine when Max goes back to school.

Whilst our bucket list wasn't that big this year, we packed it with lots of big things. Some of the stuff we managed to do included having a picnic (almost weekly at the Alpine Adventure park), go to the beach to see the fireworks, play NFL with dad, play a board game, bake a cake and have a movie night. 

We were fortunate enough to go to two festivals this summer (Camp Bestival and Victorious) and whilst we didn't go to a theme park, Max found out he is going to Disneyland Paris in a few weeks! We've been lucky to spend a fair amount of time with both sets of grandparents and he's loved going to Upton Country park with my mum and swimming with Scott's mum. 

Max may not have mastered his bike without stabilisers, but he's worked out how to roller skate! Despite all of the ups and downs, he's had plenty of adventures including going to the Sealife Adventure Park. And he's got even more to come with a weekend away to Cornwall and a weekend at Disneyland Paris once he's back at school!

Reading back, it's been a jam packed summer, but we wouldn't have it any other way. Days spent with friends and time as a family has been exactly what is needed this holidays. Now bring on year 2...

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