Snack Pack Ideas for Disneyland Paris

This weekend we are heading off to Disneyland Paris. Whilst we have a meal plan booked already, we find that travelling with Max means that he is constantly snacking. To save us a bit of money, I decided to create some snack packs so that we could have treats to eat as we are waiting in queues. 

We are staying in a Disney hotel, but it means that we don't have access to a fridge. This meant that I had to rely on finding non-perishable foods that weren't bland or too unhealthy. I also didn't want to carry lots of boxes and packaging, so I wanted to fit it into some sandwich bags that I bought from Ikea. 

By using sandwich bags, I've portioned them off into days so we can have a couple and Scott's parents can have some too. It also means that if we do split up, we are all fed and we can easily dispose of the rubbish at the end of the day. 

Here's what I've bought:
  • Ritz cracker breaks
  • Pepperami
  • French fries
  • Soreen loafs (of different flavours)
  • Oreo snack bags
  • Coco Pops bars
  • Jordans fruit and nut bars
We have also packed some Robinsons squash'd and are bringing some collapsible drinks bottles to keep us hydrated around the park. I hope that we won't have to splurge on many other drinks (bar a Glowtini or a hot chocolate!)

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