Comedy Club 4 Kids - Lighthouse Poole

Me and Scott are massive comedy fans. If we aren't watching it on TV, we are looking to see some of our favourites live. There's something special about seeing live comedy, it really captures the imagination and leaves you with a massive grin on your face. Max is a bit like us, he loves finding things funny and we spend ages online watching kid appropriate videos and laughing until our sides hurt. 

As part of the Roundabout Theatre festival in Poole, there was a special Comedy Club 4 Kids held to introduce youngsters to the magic of live comedy. 

Comedy Club 4 Kids is a comedy show that cuts out the crude language, swearing and bits that us adults find hilarious and leaves you with a show that is perfect for kids. With big celebrity names having graced the stages of the club, you know you are in safe hands with this show. It's set out the same way that an adult comedy night would be, with a compere and two acts to give the kids a bit of a break between the laughs.

Unfortunately for us, the original venue we were supposed to be watching the performance at was damaged, so we were moved to the Lighthouse (our favourite venue!) to laugh our socks off. This didn't dampen the atmosphere, with the first comedian using the mishap to help tell a comedic story about the break in.

Max was rolling around laughing, shouting with glee when he was told to eat spinach as he picks his nose, and enjoying every moment of it. The rest of the crowd were very much the same, with all the adults hiding as to not be picked on by the acts!

The second act was just as good. We've watched some of Jay Foreman's Youtube videos before and loved his silly songs, so we couldn't wait to see what he had in store. And we weren't disappointed. Max loved the nonsense trousers song, whilst the tune "Where do you get your food from, grandma" resonated with me and my own nan's years old food hoarding.

Tied all together was a fantastic host that made sure the kids were ready for the comedy. Max got completely into it when he told them the other comedians weren't allowed to say poo!

The whole of the show was amazing. Lasting around an hour, the time absolutely flew by and Max is eager to get back and watch more comedy when he can. We had an absolute blast, thank you Paines Plough, Lighthouse Poole and Comedy Club 4 Kids for an amazing afternoon.

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