Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Review

There's something to be said about a toy brand that stands the test of time. One that is timeless across generations but somehow still manages to make their products better and better. Hot Wheels is one of those brands that I remember playing with as a child and now Max has fallen in love with them too. 

Max will spend most of his days constructing tracks all around our little flat for his copious amount of cars to shoot down at lightning speed. I often find him constructing sets late at night in the dark when he's supposed to be asleep, or curled up with a car tightly in his fist. So when Hot Wheels recently got in touch with us to ask if we wanted to review some of their play sets, I couldn't say yes faster!

The first of the sets that they asked us to review was the Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit. It comprises of a normal track, electronically powered bridge and construction bricks to allow you to customise your kit and make the track truly unique. As with all Hot Wheels sets, the Track Builder system is compatible with other sets in your collection meaning you can customise to your hearts content. We have quite a few sets from collecting over the years, so can't wait to build this into a mega system. 

It's worth pointing out that this kit is huge! The track itself stretched the length of our hallway, but it's a slim enough set that it can tuck against the wall if you don't want to deconstruct it. As with all Hot Wheels kits, it comes with some really simple instructions to help you get going as quick as possible. It took us 5 minutes in total for Max to put the track together with me (including popping the batteries in for the bridge to work). I love that Hot Wheels really make it simple for kids to put things together, but really puts their problems solving and fine motor skills to use.

The Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit comes with some extras to make the fun even more adventurous including construction bricks to add challenges to the track and cut outs to add a bit of scare and flair to the bridge itself. We built the first brick construction and it's stayed on the set since as Max created a fab points based game of skill to play. But it does come with 3 different construction options to create different types of play. I love that this makes the set one that doesn't lose Max's interest quickly.

Once the stunt bridge is built, it's as simple as turning on the motor part and firing your cars across the bridge to the other side. It takes a bit of precision and the right timing to make the jump the best it can be, but Max absolutely loves a challenge and he created his own mini game to challenge himself with different stunts that I'm going to share with you below.

Max's Stunt Challenge

Creation: Using the basic Stunt Bridge kit, add the ledges from construction build 1 onto the underside of the non motorised side of the bridge. Move that part of the bridge so it is standing upright. Turn on the motorised side or leave it off, depending on your skill level.

Objective: To be the first to score 10 points by either sending the car over the bridge, or landing it on one of the ledges. The bottom ledge gains you 1 point, middle ledge is 2 points and sending it over the bridge is 3 points.

Max absolutely loved challenging me to the stunt challenge, of course I was never as good as him each time we have played and I've subsequently lost each and every time! That's not to say that this set hasn't provided hours of fun. If anything, it's been the only thing that he has played with since we took it out of the box.

The Hot Wheels Track Builder Stunt Bridge Kit retails at £49.99 and can be bought from all good retailers. It's worth noting that the set is suitable for kids age 5+ due to the small parts involved with the construction side of the toy. It's firmly become one of our favourites and we may be looking at the other Track Builder sets for Max's birthday too!

*Note, we were sent this set as part of a review. All opinions are our own.

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