September Reads - Moxie

I felt like I really got into the swing of reading again in September. It was probably a mix of Max going back to school, long train journeys and actually getting into a routine that I feel I'm somewhat mastering (as much as I can do!) I ended up reading about 4 books and really enjoyed most of them. I also managed to go to Waterstones and buy a few more too!

In September, my favourite book was one that I was a bit apprehensive about reading. Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu is a book that has been on my radar for a while as a feminist YA title. What made me apprehensive about it to begin with was the fact it was picked by Zoella for her book club. Whilst I'm not a book snob in the slightest, I tend to steer away from titles that are on celebrity book lists (especially someone that didn't even write their own books) as they are often ones that are pushed by publishers.

It took me a good few months to actually start reading this and to be honest, I was impressed. The story is one about Vivian Carter, a relatively shy girl that is fed up of the way her small Texan school is run by the football players. The way the boys are allowed to behave how they want and the girls are called up on what they wear.

She decides to create a zine called Moxie to get all the girls in the school to stand together and fight against the discrimination and harassment they are experiencing. Whilst this is an anonymous zine, her secret begins to unravel and she much fight for change.

I honestly loved this book. It was a really quick read but left me feeling motivated and inspired to stand for change. I'm loving the amount of feminist reads out at the moment and once finishing, I immediately grabbed the Holly Bourne Spinster Club series to devour again!

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