Hot Wheels Roto Revolution Review

You may have already seen our first Hot Wheels post of the review of the Stunt Bridge, but Hot Wheels had actually sent us two sets to review! The second of our reviews is of the Roto Revolution that has been released just in time for Christmas. With the opportunity for more action and adventure, Max couldn't wait to get stuck into the set. 

The set comes in quite a big box (same size as the one in our past review!) but it's good to know that there aren't many parts to this set as opposed to the other one. Meaning less chance of losing something! Once we had put the batteries in (4 x D ones) it took us no time to put the set together. I have to be honest, it was a bit trickier than we thought as you have to be quite precise with the loop parts of the set.

Luckily each part is marked with a different letter meaning that even the kids could put it together, so I had Max helping me with his uncle Lewis cheering us on and telling us when we were wrong! We were a tad disappointed that there weren't an stickers on this set. It would have been nice to have added some Hot Wheels stickers to give it a bit of colour as the set is fairly plain.

Once put together, it's just a process of putting two cars in the launchers and then firing them at just the right time to let them race away. It took us quite a while to get the timing right but as soon as we had we were racing and watching the cars swoop around the set. The set is quite noisy, so it's worth bearing that in mind!

One thing that we loved about the set was watching the cars catch up with each other and collide and crash. Luckily we had a few other cars so we were dare devils and added even more action to the mix. We found that some cars worked better than others and we soon build a collection of the fastest ones.

Whilst a few niggles with this set, it's actually been played with non stop by everyone (adults included!) and we have even purchased a second set to give as a gift for Christmas! Whilst I might think there are a few little problems with it, Max has absolutely loved it and it's really ignited his love of cars and action with him creating fun games to play. It's definitely a toy that can keep kids occupied for hours, we've barely heard a peep from Max since he's had the sets!

Thank you so much Hot Wheels for the opportunity to review the sets. We are huge Hot Wheels fans so we knew we would enjoy these sets immensely and can see them being at the top of some Christmas lists this year. The Hot Wheels Roto Revolution set can be purchased from all good retailers including Argos.

*Note, we were sent this set for the purpose of a review, all opinions are our own. 

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