Meeting Santa at Sealife Weymouth

Going to see Santa is something that we love to do each Christmas. The experience of the grotto and meeting the man himself really puts me in the Christmas spirit and Max loves getting to tell him exactly what he wants. This year we were invited to Sealife Weymouth to experience their grotto and festive offerings and we couldn't wait!

The Sealife centre is a bit of a drive for us, so we decided to make a day of it and planned to have lunch there whilst exploring all of the zones. We were booked in to meet Santa at 3:45 so turned up just past 12:00 to make use of the facilities on site. I was really surprised with how quiet the park was but was also pleased as we could get up close to the tanks and take our time with everything.

I have to say I was fairly disappointed that the main restaurant was closed, meaning that Max and I had to head to the Costa at Caribbean Cove for whatever they had on offer. Luckily we managed to warm up and Max spent a good hour running and burning off energy to his hearts content before we looked at all the fish.

Once our time had arrived we headed towards the wetlands where Santa's grotto had taken residence and sat in the reindeers stable for the fantastic elves to come and meet us. I have to say, whilst this area looked amazing, it was completely underused. It would have been great to have had some crafts or a storytelling there whilst children waited for their time slot. It may have been that we were one of the last meets of the day, but it would have been nice to have had that opportunity and it felt like a wasted space.

Our elf was fantastic at keeping Max captivated on the magical walk through the woodland. Before we went in to meet Santa, we had to wiggle our fingers and make a wish (which promptly made some snow appear!). It was so festive and magical and a great want to keep Max excited before he was allowed in to see Santa.

I have to say, Santa was phenomenal. It was such an amazing experience and he was more than happy to sit chatting away with Max about everything from presents to where we are going to be this year. As we are going to be at home for once, Max was concerned that the lack of a fireplace would be a problem. So mummy and Santa agreed to leave the front door key out for Santa to get in and he will drop it through the letter box when he is finished! Not only that, but Max promised that before he woke mummy and daddy up, he would eat the banana that Santa was going to leave in his stocking!

To say it was an in depth conversation was an understatement, but Max was fully engrossed by the magical Santa with his real white beard and warm fluffy outfit. As a parent, I have to say he was easily one of the best Santa meets we have had and he truly left us with the Christmas magic and spirit. Max even received a small gift from Santa which was the cherry on top of the Christmas cake.

Overall the magic of Christmas was well and truly alive in our Santa meet and greet at Weymouth Sealife. Whilst I do feel like they could have done so much more with the space, it was such a magical experience that we will definitely be back another year! Thank you Sealife for the invite.

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