Some Kind Of Wonderful Event.

 The one thing that I miss the most since leaving Waterstones is the events. I absolutely adore chatting with authors, being able to get hints and tips about writing and just being in the presence of people that I truly admire. A few weeks ago, I got a call from my store asking if I could do a bit of a favour for them and interview one of their authors that was coming in for a talk. That author was the one and only Giovanna Fletcher.

I have to admit, with YA books and children's books being the main bulk of what I read, I don't tend to venture much into the genre that Gi writes for. But I really enjoyed reading the Billy and Me series and had heard so many good things about her new book Some Kind Of Wonderful, that I couldn't wait. 

I managed to read the book in a record breaking 5 hours (it was that unputdownable!) and absolutely loved it. As someone that still feels like she's discovering who she is all the time, I really resonated with the main character Lizzy who finds herself newly single after 10 years. It's one that I've passed to all the school mums for them to love as much as me.

The event itself was a bit of a whirlwind, but one that I'm going to remember forever. I mean who else can say that they sat with Giovanna Fletcher for the evening and chatted about everything from self discovery, to boobs and strangling toddlers! It honestly felt like I was chatting to a friend that I had known for years and not once did I feel worried that we weren't having a blast. At least I did!

The one thing we spent ages talking about was the fact that blogging can take you to the strangest of places. I never once thought that blogging would bring me another career, let alone all the charity things I've done and people I've met. 

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