January Reads - All The Books!

This year I wanted to go into reading with a positive attitude. After no longer being chained to the bookshop, I can now read anything and everything and delve into old and new books. I've also challenged myself to try something new and am reading for pleasure rather than for work. I've fallen  in love with using the library and definitely going through my TBR pile at an astonishing speed!

Having said that, I'm also working with Mumsnet on their book club where I am reviewing each of their titles and of course I am working with some of my favourite authors and publishers on their new releases. 

January was a month of absorbing books. I felt like I read them at such a speed I can hardly remember what I read! I had a few journeys up to London and I tend to read a book on each trip so I had more time than usual to read. In January I read 7 books, a real mix of adult, YA and kids books and gave an average of 4 stars to them. I'm going to review each book briefly from now on to give you a bit of a varied review.

Battle Of The Beetles - M.G Leonard
As most of you know, I am a HUGE fan of the beetle series that M.G Leonard has put out. They are exciting, interesting and packed full of adventure and escapism that adults and kids will both love. This was the final instalment of the series and I am heartbroken it's over. With Lucretia Cutter about to take over the world, Darkus has to go on another rescue mission with his friends. This time to save the world. I absolutely loved it, devouring it in a matter of days and wishing that it would never end. Maya writes in a way that audiences are hooked, transported and sucked into another world and I'm so glad this was a fantastic ending to the series.

The Yellow Room - Jess Vallance
I read Jess' first book a few years ago and absolutely loved it, and this new story about family, mystery and a yellow room is pretty good too. When Anna receives a letter telling her that her dad is dead, she doesn't feel anything. But meets up with his girlfriend to find out more about him. When secrets start to unravel, she suddenly feels a little bit lost. I cracked the secrets and twists a bit early on in the story, but it didn't tarnish the enjoyment of reading it. I also found the portrayal of the many dysfunctions characters had a bit much, but I'm quite a sensitive reader when it comes to mental health problems. It was a great read and I enjoyed it all the same.

The Light Jar - Lisa Thompson

The Light Jar was a book that blew me away. A fantastic mystery, heart wrenching drama, and magical tale. This ticked all the boxes, left me an emotional wreck and I loved every bit of it. Filled with twists and mysteries of the present, and harrowing tales of the past, this tells the story of Nate and his mum who are running away. They find themselves in a run down cottage in the middle of nowhere. It's a perfect read for adults and kids alike to understand the awareness of subjects that are sometimes considered taboo.

Spontaneous - Aaron Starmer
This is a book that I'm completely torn over. On one hand I inhaled it. I read it faster than any other book in the month of January. On the other hand I'm still not 100% if I loved it or not. It tells the story of Mara. One day her class mates start exploding in school and the whole world starts to search for a reason. I wasn't won over by Mara. I found her to be a bit self obsessed and I didn't really click with her as a character. Having said that, I loved the supporting cast and I feel like they redeemed the whole book.

It Only Happens In The Movies - Holly Bourne 

I am a HUGE Holly Bourne fan, so I knew that I would love this one. I feel that everything she writes ticks all the boxes and she can do no wrong in my eyes. This book was no exception. It's about Audrey, a jaded cynic that believes you can only find love in the movies. In real life it's just nowhere as good. That is until she meets Harry. Whilst it took me a little bit longer than usual to get into the book, I absolutely loved it. The copious movie references, the perks and downfalls of love (no matter the age). It was just pure brilliance.

When Dimple Met Rishi - Sandhya Menon

This was a book that had so much hype around it, that it took me a long time to read. I normally find that they either live up to expectations, or they majorly disappoint. When Dimple wants to escape her traditional Indian parents, she goes to a film summer school in the hopes of finding herself. That is until she meets Rishi, who is supposed to be getting married to her. I loved the dialogue, I loved the themes, I loved the ideas, yet I found parts of the story so predictable and cliched that I felt like I rushed to the end. It was a hilarious book, but feel like the hype didn't hit it for me.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine - Gail Honeyman

This was a read that was completely out of my comfort zone, but I loved all the same. I've done a full review of it here: Eleanor Oliphant Review as I read it as part of the Mumsnet Book Club.

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