The Best New Musical Soundtracks For Families.

We are HUGE musical fans. From the old classics to new and unheard of songs, we lap each and every one up. But whilst we love our Annie's and our Oliver's, we have to admit that we are fans of the contemporary. New musicals fill us with glee and we love finding things that Max and I can sing to in the car at the top of our lungs. Here is a list of our top new musical soundtracks.

Spongebob Square Pants the Musical

Whilst you might think that the idea of your favourite sponge taking to the big stage is ridiculous, you won't be alone. Until I took a good listen to the soundtrack I thought that it would be a huge flop and it wouldn't be anything but a fad. Since listening, me and Max are hooked. It helps that he's currently learning part of it at his drama lessons, but also because the songs are so damn catchy! With a list of songwriters including bands and artists such as Panic At The Disco and John Legend, you can tell it's going to be fab. Whilst it's only in the US at the moment, I can see it coming over to the UK in a few years due to it's popularity.

Top song: Bikini Bottom Day

The Greatest Showman

Whilst this might be a movie, it does still count as a musical, and it also has a fantastic soundtrack. One that we have listened to daily since we first saw it in January. We've been to two sing alongs and we've loved it so much. Based loosely on the life of PT Barnum and his circus, it's full of toe tapping songs that will keep you singing long after you've seen it on stage. Whilst we love the chart topping This Is Me, it's full of songs that each and every musical lover will enjoy. And with a soundtrack created by Pasek and Paul, you'll soon see why it's such a hit.

Top Song: Come Alive

Aladdin the Musical

I am a HUGE Disney fan, so a musical on the list is an obvious choice. Aladdin is their latest film to hit the West End stage, and it's full of even bigger songs for everyone to fall in love with. With amazing songs, beautiful staging and costumes that will leave you in awe, it's a hit show that you will adore. We haven't seen it yet, but it's on our must watch list over the next year or so as Max is so eager to watch it soon.

Top song: Friend Like Me

School Of Rock The Musical 

This is a show that we already have tickets for (roll on Easter weekend!) and we have been listening to the soundtrack on repeat. It's an adaptation of the cult film of the same name and has definitely been a hit rock show on the West End. With an amazing cast of children playing the instruments on stage and a soundtrack that will get you up and dancing, it's one that the whole family will love.

Top song: Teacher's Pet

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