Top Tips for a Healthier Lifestyle.

With new year comes new year resolutions. And whilst we all try and stick to them, we seem to slip back into our old ways quite fast. I hold my hands up as one of the guilty ones that promised to eat better come the new year, and here I am only just making the changes that are showing. With weight dropping off me finally, I wanted to put together a list of ways that we can all live a slightly healthier lifestyle. 

Of course eating healthier should be at the top of the list. For me, I tend to find that I eat healthy meals, but snack in the evenings on rubbish that counteracts all the good work I've done. By taking a few simple changes, I've managed to change my diet to something where I can feel the weight shifting in the right direction. By switching the chocolate for low calorie yoghurts, to switching the ice cream for frozen berries, any change in the right direction is going to help you live a healthier way. One of my biggest faults was not eating breakfast and then snacking until lunch, by spending some time on myself in the morning by sitting and eating, that is completely cut out and I feel so much better for it come mid-morning.

Drinking water is something that most of us adults forget to do. If I've not filled up my water bottle first thing in the morning, it can take me until afternoon to remember to have a drink. I've cut out the fizzy drinks (mostly) and bought myself a bright bottle to drink out of. By being able to track my water intake, I can ensure that I'm hydrated and alert. Not only does drinking water improve my body, it helps me when I'm hungry, helps make my skin brighter and generally helps me feel so much better than drinking coffee and fizzy drinks.

I'm not a smoker, but many of my friends and their partners are. For them, smoking is the one thing that is ruining their otherwise healthy lifestyle. There's no use eating brilliant and moving lots, if you are just filling your lungs with nicotine and tar. Most of them are slowly switching over to vapes and e-cigarettes such as the ones from AYRLabs to give them the cigarette fix they need without all the nicotine involved. And with handy apps to help you see your progress, it's easy to see how good quitting is for not just the body, but also the mind too.

Moving more is a great way to have a healthier lifestyle. For me and my family, we love to go on walks and take the scooters out on some adventures. And with the forest and beach only a stones throw away, it's easy to hop in the car and see where the wind takes us. We also like to make our days out a bit of a challenge. We love to do a bit of Geocaching and really take our time with enjoying the open air. Soon enough a 6 mile walk can feel like it took no time at all and we've had our lungs full and our bodies stretched. With the cold weather keeping us inside though, I've taken to starting yoga in the mornings or evenings to give my body a low impact work out and free my mind. It's done me wonders and really brought us together as a family.

For all of us, living a healthy lifestyle can be a daunting experience with hundreds of hoops to jump through. For me it was one that took far too long to adopt and come to terms with. But I realised it wasn't about doing everything at once, it was about making small changes that could make a bigger impact further down the line. I'd love to know what your top tips for a healthier lifestyle are, it might even be something that could help me out!

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