Beauty And The Beast Sing-a-long-a, Lighthouse Poole

We love a good sing along. We tend to have a musical soundtrack blasting at top volume in the car so we can sing at the top of our lungs. Whilst we tend to stick to current musicals like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen, we are suckers for a good Disney sing along. Our favourite has to be Beauty And The Beast, it's definitely my childhood favourite and after Max did a summer workshop on it last year, he loves belting out the songs.

The lovely folk over at Lighthouse, Poole invited us to a sing along screening of the new Beauty And The Beast film hosted by the company Sing-a-Long-a. We have been to a fair few sing alongs recently, but none that were hosted by a company, so we were excited to get singing!

When we arrived at the theatre we met up with some friends and were surrounded by little ones and grown ups in gorgeous dresses and handsome outfits. There were even people dressed as Lumiere and honestly made me a little bit gutted I didn't dress up more than just my Disney print dress!

As we walked into the theatre we were all handed a prop bag filled with lots of things to help up throughout the show. Whilst we sat and tried to guess what each prop was for, our host took to the stage to get us ready for the film, warm up our voices and get those a bit shy up and ready to get involved. Our host was fantastic, he really spent time gearing up the audience and even spent time whilst the film was on giving us bits to shout and cheer at.

With the film starting, we were soon all singing at the top of our lungs along to each song. Luckily for those that hadn't seen the film before (and yes there were a few!) the words were shown along the bottom of the screen. I of course have listened to the soundtrack too many times and didn't need them, but it was great to know that they were there as a bit of a reminder!

With clackers to help with the horses, tissues for Plumette and a glowstick for Lumiere, we were transported and felt like we were part of the film. There was a disco ball to help add a bit of magic and snow falling from the ceiling to match the snow falling on the film. To say it was immersive was an understatement, we were part of the film! Turning around to see a room full of people singing whilst waving glow sticks just warmed my heart and made me fall in love with the film even more.

One thing to note is that it's a fairly long show. Including the interval, it's about 3 hours long so was a fairly late night for us. But I don't think any kids younger than Max at the show were restless or grumbling as there was so much to do in the show and it really ended in a bang with party poppers flying everywhere.

I can honestly say that me and Max came out of the show with massive grins on our faces, humming the songs that then were the soundtrack of our drive home. If you're wondering whether a sing along is a good thing to head to, then I can honestly say it was one of the most fun nights we had in ages. Thank you Lighthouse and Sing-a-Long-a for a memorable night with a fantastic atmosphere.

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