Kingston Lacy - National Trust #1

We absolutely love the outdoors. We spend most of spring and summer either in the theatre or outside enjoying the local treasures around us. For years we have been toying with the idea of National Trust passes. With so much on our doorstep alone, the temptation was there and we ended up taking the plunge and investing in a pass to give us heaps of days out over the next year. Within a few hours we were in the car on the way to our first stop.

Kingston Lacy is probably our closest National Trust property. With acres of woodland and play spaces, this Dorset home was a gorgeous starting point. We decided that we wanted to spend a couple of hours there as we didn't have much time and our friends took us on one of their favourite walks to see the flowers and even the pigs!

Max absolutely loved the fact he was able to run free in the open air and explore all of the nature and wildlife. His first port of call was to try and find as many beetles as possible (the Beetle Boy love is still there!) I loved being able to relax and unplug for a little bit, snap photos that would hold memories for us and switch off from the busy life I seem to lead.

Our first trip to a National Trust property left Max excited and eager to discover more places. He can't wait for the welcome pack to come through so he can sit and make a wish list of places to visit this summer. I'mm excited to keep him away from technology for a bit and get him embracing the outdoors. We went home with fresh air in our lungs, smiles on our faces and worn out feet from a wonderful few hours with friends.

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