School Of Rock the Musical, London

For Christmas Max had one thing at the top of his list. One thing that was underlined, circled and begged for on a daily basis. It wasn't a toy, a games console or anything electronic. it was tickets. Tickets to see a show that he had become beyond obsessed with. And so I waved my magic wand and made his Christmas come true with tickets for School Of Rock the musical in April and one little boy was in awe and made up with his dream come true. 

For me, going to the theatre is a treat that fills me with glee even as an adult. I absolutely love going with Max to see a show either locally or in London. But the price means that we tend to only head to the city once or twice a year. That's not to say that Max hasn't been lucky, he's seen more shows in his 7 years than I had before I was 16!

The show itself is at the New London Theatre on Drury Lane. it's not one that I had been to before and you could see upon entering that it had received a refurb meaning the seats were great and the facilities were spot on for all. I was really impressed with the range of merchandise on offer and we grabbed a programme and a hoody for Max before taking our seats.
I was fortunate to pick up some fantastic seats. Whist restricted view, you can see from the photos that they were in a great spot and we really didn't miss much action from the show. The tickets came to £25 each with booking and restoration levy from the theatre's site direct. There was a barrier in front of the seats, but it didn't block our view at all and actually gave us more leg room than I had ever had at a theatre before! It was a fantastic and affordable way to see the show on a budget (and have some money to spoil Max with some merchandise).

School Of Rock is a show based on the cult movie classic of the same name. It tells the story of Dewey Finn, an ageing rocker who's attempts at making it in a band have left him living at his best friends and barely making the rent each month. One day he decides to impersonate his friend and become a temporary teacher at a prestigious prep school. Soon enough, his class of A star students are shredding guitars and singing solos as they form their own band.

The adaptation was created by Andrew Lloyd Webber, and with 14 new songs added to the original ones from the movie, there is a great mix of styles and songs for everyone to enjoy. We enjoyed the blend of on stage music mixed with the live band and loved that it really felt like a rock concert at times and a musical in other instances. The fact that you are encouraged to take music and video at the end song is brilliant and really lets you feel like you are part of the show.

Stephen Leask did an absolutely fantastic job of playing Dewey. A part that I was pretty dubious about as Jack Black made it such an iconic role, but in all honesty, Leask blew us away so much that we forgot the movie even existed in the first place! Jessica Louise Parkinson took to the stage as Mrs Mullins, the uptight headmistress and her vocal range was phenomenal leaving all of us a bit amazed at her performance. We absolutely loved seeing Alan Pearson as Dewey's best friend and room mate Ned Schneebly. We won't give the story away, but his transformation is one that will have you standing up clapping!

The kids blew us away. Not only were they all musicians, amazing singers and actors. They did it all live on stage. Every shred of the guitar and high note wasn't done by someone else, it was done by the kids. Max was left in awe and they have definitely become his new idols. If he didn't want to be on that stage before we saw it, he 100% want's to be up there in a few years time when he's old enough! They were all utter professionals and did a fantastic job at leading the story.

School Of Rock was a musical that we loved every minute of, left wishing we were seeing it again and had us singing the soundtrack the whole way home. It's a masterpiece of family theatre and had everyone from parents to children singing and clapping along. Showing until 2019, it's one that we urge you to go and see for a few hours of feel good fun and will leave you with a grin on your face ready to rock the world. Thank you School Of Rock for giving us the best Christmas present a boy could ask for! We'll definitely be back.

*Note: We bought tickets for this show. All opinions are our own and urge you to Stick it to the Man.

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