Bluebell Woods - National Trust

With spring well and truly here we couldn't wait to get out and see the bluebells in our local Bluebell Woods. The local National Trust has truly done a fantastic job of conserving and helping grow the bluebells, whilst creating amazing photo spots for families to snap away. We headed to Pamphill, just outside of Wimborne to take in the flowers that are only around for a few weeks a year.

There's honestly something so beautiful about going back to nature and spending a few hours marvelling at these beautiful flowers that spread like a sea across the ground. These delicate displays that are as fragile as they are stunning. We spend a good few hours just walking around marvelling them and snapping photos on our phones. 

It was disappointing to see people abusing the woods and being disrespectful to the landscape. Children being encouraged to trample on them to get a good photo, parents laughing when handfuls were ripped from the grounds. To think that the flowers aren't actually on display for months on end and take five years to regenerate, it's saddening that a handful of people are spoiling it for others. 

One thing we loved was the cleverly positioned photo spots. Marked with little red crosses on fallen logs, these spots were perfect for creating photos and memories. Each year our local National Trust move the paths of the woods to allow bluebells to grow and conserve areas of high traffic. I love that each time we go, we have different photos to take and different journeys each time.

Now, let's hope we can go back one more time before they are gone!

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